For Lactation Specialists

Hardcover Breastfeeding Answers, Second Edition (2020)

The hardcover second edition of this comprehensive, user-friendly lactation resource is the definitive reference for lactation specialists. It is completely updated and revised in gender-inclusive language.  Its practical, evidence-based approaches are supported by reviews of more than 4,000 studies, and it is packed with effective strategies for solving virtually every lactation challenge

Its professional index and user-friendly, two-column format make finding answers easy. Click the button below for more details and online ordering.



Paperback Breastfeeding Answers Pocket Guide, Second Edition (2021)

This much smaller and more portable version of the 2020 textbook Breastfeeding Answers, Second Edition features all of its problem-solving strategies in a volume small and lightweight enough to carry in a pocket or tote. It provides quick, portable answers to the questions: “What do I need to remember in this situation?” and “What should I try next?”

This on-the-go companion volume to the big book offers the basics when helping nursing families in common and unusual circumstances. Click the button below for more details and online ordering.



For Parents


Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers

This second edition contains updated information to make breastfeeding even easier.  Its "seven natural laws" take the mystery out of how breastfeeding works.

It includes descriptions on how gravity-assisted positions can make the first weeks more comfortable and enjoyable.  Rather than straining your muscles to keep your baby at breast level, learn how to relax completely and even breastfeed hands free.  Every expectant parent should own this essential and comprehensive resource.




Breastfeeding Solutions: Quick Tips for the Most Common Nursing Challenges

Even highly motivated mothers may question their good intentions to breastfeed when faced with obstacles like pain, worries about milk production, and difficulty pumping.  There are simple ways to overcome these challenges and meet your breastfeeding goals.

Breastfeeding Solutions is the perfect resource for any new parent who wants quick, practical solutions to common breastfeeding problems.  This fast read includes illustrations, tables, and charts to make it easy to quickly find answers.




Working and Breastfeeding Made Simple

This book takes the mystery out of milk production and pumping.  It puts you in control of your own experience with straightforward explanations of how milk is made and what you can do to reach your own best level.  Whatever the length of your maternity oeave, or your work setting, it guides you every step of the way.

Tips from employed mothers offer the wisdom of hindsight, and concepts like "The Magic Number" enable you to tailor your daily routine to your body's response.  Proven pumping strategies can increase milk yields by nearly 50%.  This book contains the essentials you need to reach your personal breastfeeding goals.





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