Breastfeeding Solutions App

Nancy's app guides you with just a few simple questions to the source of the most common breastfeeding problems and the best tips for overcoming them.

To find your problem’s cause, use its interactive Solutions section. If you know the cause, use its Index to go straight to recommended strategies. To find areas of interest or get answers to your questions, scan its Browse section.

  • Faster and more reliable than internet searches
  • Reliable information on 100+ topics
  • Covers every stage of breastfeeding, from birth to weaning
  • Ad free

This unique resource does not track feeds or diapers (only needed for the first 2 weeks). It provides the solutions you need to meet your breastfeeding goals. 

To learn about its effects on breastfeeding success, click HERE.

Download the Breastfeeding Solutions app in the App Store and Google Play. 


Breastfeeding Solutions App Video Demo

Watch a demo of how to use the app. 

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