Online Training for IBCLCs

IBCLC Recertification Courses

LactaLearning—created by Nancy and Michigan IBCLC/educator Barbara Robertson—offers a new holistic approach to IBCLC training that balances head and heart so you can better empower and support the families in your care..

What else sets LactaLearning apart? A welcome alternative to endless PowerPoints, our courses:

  • Feature the learning formats you prefer: podcasts, short videos, articles, infographics, animation, and much more
  • Follow exactly the 2023 IBCLC Detailed Content Outline, making it easier to focus on the topics you want or need
  • Let you choose all 75 rquired L-CERPs (this comprehensive course also includes in its cost Nancy's 2020 Breastfeeding Answers PDF edition) or pick shorter courses by topic area. 

Our commitment to giving you a great learning experience springs from our love of breastfeeding.. 

For more details, watch our short demo video below and click on the pink button.



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