The mothers in Nancy's many free videos demonstrate the latest approach to newborn breastfeeding that research found reduces by half the most common lactation problems. These feeding positions are both comfortable for mother and baby and make it easier for baby to nurse actively and effectively. 


Natural Breastfeeding


Natural Breastfeeding: For an Easier Start video This free 38-minute video is perfect for parents to watch before or after birth, (Its Spanish version is located below the English version.) In it, Nancy and U.S. obstetrician Theresa Nesbitt talk with four mothers of newborns, who demonstrate the latest, evidence-based early positioning strategies that lead to better breastfeeding outcomes. These mothers' diverse ethnicities and body types make it more likely families will find someone who looks like them. 



YouTube is Nancy’s FREE YouTube channel with more than 2 million views. It includes many short demos (5 minutes or less) of early positioning. Find the videos to share that you like best (or those closest to the mother's or other nursing parent's ethnicity or body type). Also includes the longer (38-minute) positioning video in Mandarin and with Latvian subtitles, as well as Nancy’s videos about her latest courses and other ventures.



Getting a Deeper Latch

Here's one way to get a deeper, more comfortable latch.
Baby goes onto the breast off-center, taking in more of the areola (colored circle around the nipple) with his lower jaw than his upper jaw. An off-center latch matters less in a semi-reclined positions (shown in the other videos), than in upright nursing positions.
Click HERE for a free video that shows how real mothers and babies use Natural Breastfeeding positions to make the early weeks easier.





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